The Crown Royal Difference


Consumers have a wide range of outdoor stoves to choose from. Are you comparing all the features and advantages before deciding to buy? Before making that decision, check out the Crown Royal Difference.

  • 20 Year Limited Warranty -  We stand behind our product with a 20 Year Limited Warranty. Many other outdoor stove manufacturers will offer a lifetime warranty but will not disclose the details. Protect yourself and your investment, read the fine print and you will see why our 20 Year Limited Warranty is the best in the industry.  If you repurchase a Crown Royal Stove after the twentieth year, we will give you 10% off your stove. 
  • Support After Sale - As a family owned business, we know how important it is to offer customer service and technical support after the sale. Many manufacturers will not offer any type of support for retail consumers, the DIFFERENCE, we will.
  • The Superior Choice - Slowly but surely other outdoor stove manufacturers are catching on and switching to 409 Stainless Steel. Crown Royal Stoves have always used 409 Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel.
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  • Type 409 Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel - Produced 100% in USA Mills. 409 Titanium Enhanced Stainless Steel is superior to all other stainless and mild steels when being used in outdoor stove applications. 409 Stainless Steel has the best heat transfer & thermal expansion capabilities, is resistant to corrosion and has a high heat tolerance. Every sheet of our 409 stainless received is traceable by the provided mill test report to each one of our stoves by serial number. Competitors using imported stainless steel have lower quality control standards that can result in varying wall thickness, heavy inclusions from rolling, lamination and inconsistent annealing. These variables can all lead to excessive corrosion, material failures and leaks in firebox and water jacket. 
  • Fully Enclosed Outdoor Stoves All Crown Royal outdoor stoves are fully enclosed. Many manufacturers do not have floors which results in rodents and other animal problems that will damage the stove, wiring and R Value of the furnace. (Excludes Indoor Units)
  • Research, Development and Testing - What better location to develop and test an outdoor stove than "The Icebox of the Nation", International Falls, Minnesota, with the coldest temperatures in the continental United States. All Crown Royal Stoves undergo two, 24 hour pressure tests before shipment. 
  • Numerous Models to Choose From - We have five different series, so pick one that is right for you. Pristine Gasification Series, Outdoor Shaker Grate Series, Outdoor High Efficiency Series, Indoor Shaker Grate Series and Biomass Series.
  • One Stop Shop - We offer all parts and accessories needed to install our stoves at competitive prices. 
  • Made in the USA - We welcome you to come see our facility and how Crown Royal Stoves are made. Crown Royal Stoves and our line of unit heaters and air handlers are fully manufactured at our plant in International Falls, Minnesota. All of our steel comes from mills in the United States. Ask the competitors if they can show you mill test reports to prove they are using domestic steel. 
  • The Crown Royal Advantage - Crown Royal Stoves are designed to be user friendly & easy to maintain. They have the "ORIGINAL" Shaker Grate System, easy ash pan removal, pull out ash pan, easy access rear door for seamless installation and maintenance, large firebox door for easy loading of fuel, and heat transfer tubes for more square feet of heating capacity. The stoves are also equipped with a turbo draft system equipped with two blowers - primary and secondary. This system provides these advantages: burns secondary gases and a hotter fire, provides more heat transfer, higher efficiencies, burns less wood, faster heat recovery, less ashes and low smoke emissions. With all of the advantages we have the best performing, highest quality stove on the market. Make sure you are doing research before investing your hard earned dollars into an inferior product and company!

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