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We were in the market for a replacement outdoor boiler as our first one, (different brand), only lasted 9 year before it started leaking water into the firebox. We looked at several brands, liked what we saw with the Crown Royal Stove, with both stove and dealer.  I'm very impressed with the rapid heating of the water between cycles. We are impressed enough with it that we are seriously considering purchasing another one for our business building. 

K. Krokowski - Constableville, NY

I'm on my 3rd season with my Crown Royal Stove 7300E and I absolutely love it! I'm burning roughly half the wood I burned with my previous Aqua-Therm. I use it to heat my home, shop, and also domestic hot water.  I does an amazing job.  The dealer support (Comfortwise Heating) in northern New York is excellent.  I would highly recommend a Crown Royal Stove to anyone.

B. Leerkes - Willsboro, NY

Going on our third winter with our 7300E boiler. We are not new to burning wood but this is our first outside boiler. We moved into our old farm house three years ago and had the boiler installed. We burn wood exclusively so we can't compare it with anything else. It's hooked into our forced air furnace and keeps our 150 year home comfortable. We also heat our hot water with it. We had some issues and your factory representatives came to our home and made modifications which made it run more efficiently. Last year, we operated the boiler for seven months and burned 22 face cord of 18" wood. We chose the outside boiler for safety features and the mess stays outside. One of the reasons we chose Crown Royal is having the sales and support representative less than half an hour away. 

P. Foley - Westdale, NY

With our Crown Royal Stove RS7300E, we heat a 3000 square foot house. We burn on average 10 to 12 face cords of 18" wood per season. The stove will burn 15-16 hours on a full load of wood. We have hard maple, ash and cherry wood seasoned at least 1 year. There are several other brands of outdoor stoves in our area. They burn at least twice as much wood as we do. I maintain the house temp 73-75 and water temp at 170-179 degrees.

D. Johnson - Erieville, NY

Being in New York, I took a RS7400 inside furnace and spray foamed and built a shed around it. It works great. It works better than my last outside furnace with better fans, faster recovery, bigger size and probably the best shaker grates. I've burned bales of hay, wood chips, corn, coal and wood. The large ash trays work especially good with coal (pea coal works best) and wood. After 4 years of heating with this stove, I would recommend it to anyone.

H. Rasbach - Clayville, NY

Going into my 4th year using my Crown Royal RS7300E outdoor wood boiler, I'm still favorably impressed with its construction, design and quality as well as common sense features. Compared to our previous unit, an updraft model by another company, our wood consumption is down by at least 40%.

G. Schaufelberg - Amsterdam, NY

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