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Here at Comfortwise, we are highly skilled at helping you to make the right choice for your alternative heating using a Crown Royal Outdoor Wood Boiler, Crown Royal Indoor Wood Boiler or a Thermo-control Indoor wood Boiler. It is all about saving money on your heating bill so we can direct you to a choice of many products that will accomplish your goal. 


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Crown Royal Outdoor Wood Boilers: These Outdoor wood boilers have been time tested and proven to be a dependable and efficient way to save heating costs. Crown royal stoves had the best idea with shaker grates and an ashpan which many have now copied. With the bottom draft and a secondary air blanket at the top of the Wood boiler, we burn at higher temperatures and achieve more efficient use of the wood than any of our competition. Now with the new EPA standards, we have our E seriesOutdoor Wood boiler that involves the crown royal boiler wood gasification technology that is simple, easy and trouble free unlike many of the complicated and higher cost units out there. The model 7400E and the model 7300E Outdoor wood boiler gasification units cost thousands less than our competition and are more reliable. 

Crown Royal Indoor Boilers: These indoor wood coal corn boilers are the same design as the Outdoor wood boilers, but now are able to be placed in a barn, shed, garage, outbuilding, even in the basement if it will fit. The benifit is the fact that we can burn wood coal corn cherry pits and other bio fuels. What a fabulous option if you need an indoor boiler to burn a variety of fuels or have a sheltered place to put it.

Thermo-Control Indoor Wood Boilers: Since the early 1970's thermo Control has been building high quality wood boilers and wood furnaces. These are by far the hardiest wood boilers and wood furnace's on the market. No one else besides Thermo-Control is bold enough to offer a 20 year unconditional warranty. Yes that's right! Thermo-Control products have a twenty year warranty with out any pro rating or countdown. If your thermo control wood boiler burns out in 19 years, you get a new boiler. Wood gasification was an unknow concept in the 1970's but Thermo-Control was using that technology before most everyone even knew what wood gasification was. These boilers have proven to stand the test of time and many units are 30 plus years old and still operating.


Our Crown Royal Boilers product line has now expanded into the new Crown Royal Stoves indoor multi fuel units. These will be able to burn Wood, Coal, or Corn and be set indoors in a Garage, Barn, or shed.

Crown Royal Stoves has long been a leader in the outdoor wood boiler business and now we have available a high quality line of indoor wood boilers to further your options as to how you will heat your buildings. Call Now (1-315-298-3317) or browse this site for more information. 




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